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A Bit About Us

Our Current Family Members

Here at Grateful Acres, we see value in every individual and we want you to be able to meet each one of our family members.

Meet the Animals: About Us
Two black goats and a brown goat standing in a farm yard.

Luna, Popcorn, and Bessie

Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy Does

Luna (Black/no horns) came to us 9 years ago from Longmont. She was one of our first two goats and has taught us so much about living the goat lifestyle. Her daughter, Popcorn (Black/with horns),was born on our farm shortly after we got Luna, and a few years later, Popcorn had her daughter, Bessie (Tan and Brown). Now successfully  separated from the male herd, these ladies run the female herd and are usually first in line for grain, hay, and affection.



Nigerian Dwarf Buck

Alvin is arguably the stinkiest member of our community! 😂 He came to us about 8 years ago and is the dictionary definition of a Nigerian Dwarf buck. He is very sweet despite his aromatic nature and he is father to Gilbert and William and Bessie from back when we didn’t have the whole herd separation thing completely ironed out. His favorite mentionable hobbies are head butting trees and smelling his upper lip. 



Alpine Doe

Ruby is an incredibly strong and resilient Alpine doe. She came to us about 5 years ago along with Dolly Llama. After a mountain lion attack left her unable to stand due to psychological trauma and muscular damage, we spent 10 weeks or so rehabilitating her with the use of a hanging sling and a “wheelchair”. Her physical therapy was over and her recovery was complete after our move to flat property and she has a new outlook on life! She is quiet, loving and very docile. So much so that the little Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy ladies boss her around sometimes despite the fact that she is twice their size! She loves peppermint treats and running FULL SPEED AND SIDEWAYS whenever she gets the opportunity. 


Gil and Billy (The Twins)

Dwarf Nigerian/Alpine Wethers

Gilbert and William, or Gil and Billy for short, are a handsome pair. They are twins but they have different personalities. Gil is more active and outgoing whereas Billy is more of a wallflower, but they love to hang out together and chew their cud. They are very at home with their stable mates Bredo, Alvin and Ivy. When it's their turn to exercise out in the wide open, in true "Gil-billy" fashion, they turn on the afterburners!



Saanen Wether

Ivy was a "leftover" from a defunct goat dairy. The other goats all went to new homes or to market. We found out that there was ONE GOAT LEFT so we rushed right over to scoop him up and bring him to live with our herd. His full viking name is Ivar Ragnarsson but we call him Ivy. His favorite pastime is standing on his spruce stump and surveying the scene.


Salt ‘N’ Peppa

Freisian Sheep

When Abby is asked if she'd like to "go see" some puppies and lambs, the answer is always going to be a resounding YES! In this particular instance, said lambs were looking for a forever home. What we didn't know was that a full grown ram was looking for the same thing! That day added three new wooly buggers to our herd and life hasn't been the same since. Not only did we plunge into pandemic times seemingly the NEXT DAY, we also brought home some super fuzzy snugglers and named them Salt -N- Peppa! (and Bredo, but more about him in his OWN bio)



Freisian Ram

Bredo is named after "Grandpa" Bredo Morstel, the world famous "Frozen Dead Guy" of Nederland, Colorado. He came to us as a extra bonus when we brought Salt -N- Peppa into the fold. He's quite the character. In typical male fashion;) he and Alvin (our Dwarf Nigerian Buck) love to grunt, spit and head butt each other over the ladies next door. Other than Alvin's head, Bredo's favorite thing to head butt is a nice sturdy Aspen tree. He also LOVES his chin rubs right before bedtime.



Ccara Sullo Llama

Not only is Dolly a classy llama, she is a "Classic" or Ccara Sullo Llama. She is intensely aware of any activity on the property and is often our first notification that a moose is meandering through Grateful Acres. She was almost completely wild when she came to us but over the years we've been able to halter train her and she voluntarily carries a small pack and blanket if we ask nicely. Last fall we even go to the point where we could trim her nails without too much drama or spit! Her "I will do ANYTHING you ask me to snack is an occasional Frosted Mini Wheat :)


The Chickens

Many Varieties

Our coop consists of an ever evolving cluster of cluckers. At the moment our hens vary in age from 2-7 years old. Current breeds include Black Maran, Easter Egger, Ameraucana, Buff Orpington, Silver Spangled Hamburg (bantams), Dominique, and Russian Orloff. Their favorite time of day is just after sunrise, when the door to their outdoor run is opened to allow them access to all the dirt, insects and SCRATCH GRAINS (sprinkled around every morning) in their yard. They come CHARGING out of the coop, full of energy and excitement, to welcome the new day...and get a snack!



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Chainsaw Dave

Director of Operations

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Director of Communications

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Director of Operations

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Meet the Animals: Meet the Team
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